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Temporo-mandibular Disorder (TMD) is a condition involving the jaw joint, and muscles in the neck, shoulders, head, face, jaws, and ears. It can affect the bite alignment, tongue posture, and the airway. TMJ (Temporo-mandibular Joint) is the jaw joint. Disorders of this joint are often referred to as TMD or TMJ. It may be hereditary, though it can also be caused by accident or injury or previous dentistry. Stress often exacerbates the condition, as well as the tension in related muscles.

TMJ/TMD sufferers rarely associate their symptoms with the actual cause. They may be seeking treatment for specific symptoms such as migraines, frequent headaches, pain in the shoulder area, pain and stiffness in the neck, jaw pain, ringing in the ears, or clicking sounds with jaw movement.

If the muscles in the head, neck, and jaw, as well as the teeth, are not well aligned, varying degrees of TMJ/TMD can result. Any loss of functionality or balance in the jaw muscles will affect the joint. Missing or poorly aligned teeth can unevenly distribute the bite pressure, straining the jaw joint. Malocclusion (misalignment of teeth or bite), clenching, or grinding can also damage teeth and cause notching of the teeth at the gumline.

Do you suffer from TMJ/TMD?

Your dentist is your friend and first line of defense against the devastating effects of this condition. Residents of Spokane, Washington choose the office of Dr. Brossoit for diagnosis and treatment of TMJ/TMD. He specializes in complex dental work, and is passionate about relieving the pain of this syndrome. Utilizing the principles Neuromuscular Dentistry , Dr. Brossoit employs innovative technology, techniques, and materials, to create a dazzling smile, with a flawlessly aligned bite, which is supported by strong, painless muscles.

If you have experienced any of the symptoms mentioned above, call us today for a consultation. The care of a skilled neuromuscular dentist may free you of pain, and dependency on painkillers. Dr. Brossoit will work to eliminate your misery, by treating the cause.

Dr. Brossoit has many years of experience successfully treating TMJ/TMD and offers several remedies. He will evaluate your condition, and customize an appropriate treatment plan. He specializes in correcting bite problems, and ensuring lasting results.

Come see us today, and say goodbye to the pain of TMJ/TMD.

What is Neuromuscular Dentistry?

The most important thing to know about Neuromuscular Dentistry is that it utilizes sound principles and techniques that are highly accurate and reproducible because they are based on human physiology. Our goal is to use state of the art knowledge and instrumentation to obtain objective, measurable data from which to make a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Once we have this information, we formulate a plan that is 99% non-surgical and gives us the means to create a new bite that puts the teeth, the jaw joints, the chewing muscles, as well as the closely related head and neck muscles all “on the same page”. Once we have achieved this new balanced bite position, it can be used as a template or blueprint from which make a permanent solution to the very debilitating condition of TMJ or TMD, and/or it can be used to further enhance or create a brand new smile.

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