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Patient Reviews

"I love my smile! Dr. Brossoit's recommendations worked wonders for me. I thank him and his staff for taking the time to review and implement these changes. It took lots of patience with this reluctant participant. :) Way to go!! Did I say "I love my smile"?"

- Jo Ann
"When I first saw Dr. Brossoit, I had horrible headaches along with neck pain and jaw popping and my muscles would get very fatigued when I ate. He fitted me with an orthotic that I've had for 2 years now and I feel so much better. We are making these changes in my bite permanent with braces and I feel really good about doing this and I want to say "Thanks, Dr. Brossoit!"

- Shanda S.
"In 1997, I fell backwards at work and hit the back of my head. For the past 11 years I have had an ongoing L & I claim that has taken me from one specialist to another all trying to fix my headaches, jaw pain, neck pain. At times, the pain has been extremely debilitating. I have had several jaw surgeries and my pain had not improved. I was on very powerful pain medications just to be able to function and get by, and I continued to grind my teeth down. Then my dentist recommended that I see Dr. Brossoit, who made an orthotic for me. For the first time in many years, my pain was virtually gone as long as I kept the orthotic in all the time, even when I eat. For several years following that, I continued to see many specialists trying to get approval for Dr. Brossoit to restore all my teeth and make my comfortable bite, permanent. Finally, 2 years ago, Dr. Brossoit was allowed to restore all my teeth and I continue to be pain free, I can smile with confidence, and I have finally gotten my life back."

- Shawn H.
"Dr. Brossoit and his highly skilled staff have been able to successfully control my TMJ pain that no other dentist has been able to do for 20 years. It is indescribable how wonderful it is to be free from the pain of TMJ. Many thanks to all of you for the joy you have brought back to my life."

– Patricia
"After many frustrating years with chronic neck pain, Dr. Brossoit identified and treated a mild TMJ condition that I never would have considered to be a cause. But with the possibility of surgery, and with my neck problems prohibiting me from staying active (as a fireman), I sought his treatment and I have been very happy, as my neck pain is a thing of the past."

- Rick
"My TMJ had slowly worsened from the time I was a teenager, but it was becoming a major problem for me in the past 5 years. After trying a variety of health care methods and practitioners, my dentist recommended Dr. Brossoit. The repositioning appliance provided instant relief. I no longer have discomfort or jaw-popping, and I'm able to open my mouth normally. I don't even think about my TMJ any longer."

– Jayce
"I saw numerous specialists in numerous fields for some relief from the constant 24/7 headaches. Traditional treatments gave little to no relief. I was taking pain pills and muscle relaxers and packing my head in ice every night just to keep functioning. Dr. Brossoit found and corrected the cause of the headaches, and I am almost pain free. Now I save the ice for the lemonade."

– Donna