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Dental Implants

Dr. Doug Brossoit offers an extensive variety of cosmetic dental solutions at his office in Spokane. No longer are dentures your only option for replacing missing teeth. One of the greatest innovations modern science has brought to cosmetic and general dentistry is dental implants. They provide a superior solution to unsightly gaps in your smile, and the difficulty eating or speaking they cause. Traditional options, such as bridges or dentures, only replace the missing teeth. Implants replace the roots of those missing teeth, providing a stable foundation for your crown, bridge, or denture.

Embedded firmly in the jawbone, an implant is a tiny titanium screw, which has a post affixed to it. Your new tooth or teeth are firmly affixed to the implant. While traditional bridges are supported by adjacent teeth, those placed on implants are independent of other teeth. A dental implant, whether topped with a crown, bridge, or denture, can provide strength and functionality equaling that of a natural tooth.

You can eliminate the inconvenience of fumbling with your removable dentures, as well as avoid weakening your natural teeth by using them to support prosthetics. Your new fixture will have its own roots. Due to the stability of dental implants, the biting pressure will be evenly distributed among all of your teeth (natural and artificial). This makes eating more comfortable and chewing more efficient. The implants will provide support for natural teeth, help to improve your bite, and help to minimize any existing malocclusion (misaligned bite) that can cause headaches, neck pain and jaw pain.

After your dental implants are placed here at our Spokane office, it will take between four and six months for the bone and titanium to fuse. When the bond is secure and permanent, Dr. Brossoit will attach the post or abutment to the implant. In just a few days, you will be proudly walking out of our office with your new tooth or teeth. You don't have to suffer to smile - take your teeth to Dr. Brossoit!
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