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Here at Dr. Brossoit's office in Spokane, we believe in maintaining a lifelong relationship with our valued patients. For your comfort and oral health, it is critical to have confidence in your dentist. Problems with your teeth are not the only reason to see your dentist. The importance of maintenance and preventive care are equally important. Dr. Brossoit offers a new level of dentistry, with his gentle compassion and renowned expertise. He strives to provide excellent customer service to every patient, at every visit.

No oral or dental problem is too complicated, because Dr. Brossoit specializes in quality care of complex cases. When you come in for an initial consultation, he wants to hear your concerns, and answer your questions. He will customize a treatment plan according to your condition and your preferences. Your fears will melt away in our comfortable facility, with the confidence of knowing that you are receiving the best dental care available. Dr. Brossoit will never judge you, even if it has been some time since you received dental care.

Dental implants is the premier options for replacing missing teeth available at our Spokane office. With Dr. Brossoit's precision skills, you can have a more natural, beautiful smile than you ever imagined. However, his expertise goes much further, ensuring that the muscles and overall bite is healthy, and can support that dazzling smile for years to come, without having to wear preventive night guards! Oral health issues relating to the bone, jaw joints, the balance of all the chewing muscles andthe overall bite position are often overlooked in a typical dentist's office.

Problems associated with Temporo-mandibular joint, or jaw joint, may cause jaw pain while eating or talking. Some other common symptoms that are associated with Temporo-mandibularDisorder (TMD) are, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, earaches, ringing in the ears, stuffy ear sensation, or difficulty sleeping. Obstructive sleep apnea endangers the health and sound sleep of millions of people. Two recent studies show a 75% chance of overlapping symptoms between TMD problems and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Dr. Brossoit provides treatment options for these conditions, including convenient, comfortable oral appliances.

Dr. Brossoit is your partner in oral health, and a beautiful smile. Call him today and schedule an appointment.

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"My TMJ had slowly worsened from the time I was a teenager, but it was becoming a major problem for me in the past 5 years. After trying a variety of health care methods and practitioners, my dentist recommended Dr. Brossoit. The repositioning appliance provided instant relief. I no longer have discomfort or jaw-popping, and I'm able to open my mouth normally. I don't even think about my TMJ any longer." Jayce